The Research and Development Centre for Mathematical Modelling facilitates more useful environment for undergraduate and postgraduate students in the department of mathematics with following activities.


  1. PhD/ MPhil Research
    • Our Centre facilitates our postgraduate students to select advance researches regarding real industry related problems and provide expected best effective solutions for particular industry.
  2. MSc. Research
  3. Undergraduate Research Projects
    • Our Centre facilitates students to choose researches regarding real industry related problems up to certain level under the courses followed in undergraduate programs.

Conducting MSc. in Financial Mathematics.

Our main target of this MSc. in financial Mathematics is to transfer knowledge and experiences to the industry to comply with the rapid development in the industry. Hence this program is regularly updated according to the new industry requirements and mainly focused professions in such fields like Banking, Finance, and Insurance etc.

Industrial Training for fourth year students.

Our centre coordinates students to have internship in some of the existing well-known companies, as the best solutions were provided in past for their research problems. Such companies provide more efficient intern programs to our students due to this cordial relationship. This helps our students to understand the industrial working environment since the most are on doorstep to start up their career with in the industry after finishing their academics.