Medical Compartment Modeling
Dr. J.K. Wijerathna, C. N. Goonetilaka, P. M. S. N. Chamara
The main objective is to develop a mathematical model, and simultaneously a simulation, of the blood circulation between the heart and kidneys with the aid of differential equations.


Portfolio Optimization for Investments
Mr. M.H.K.Hameem, L.S.Gunawardena, D.A.S.Wickramasinghe
Savings accounts, Treasury Bills & Treasury Bonds, Gold, Options, Derivatives, Investment in Land will be studied with portfolio optimization methods, in order to find the best possible combination of investment options.


Effect of Personal Information of an individual in Finance
Dr. S.S.N. Perera, B.D.L Perera , A.M.M Perera , M.J.M Jaseel
The main purpose of this research is to study on the above topic, by constructing a personal index for the categories such as life insurance, personal loans and credit cards etc.


Identification of the factors that affect a Finance Lease
Dr. S.S.N. Perera, R.R.Jayasuriya, S.S.Leelaratne
These factors can be mainly classified into two: affordability and will to pay. It is intended to measure each of these factors and to calculate the weights by constructing mathematical and statistical functions.


Forecasting the Tea Production in Hill-country
Dr. S.S.N. Perera, A.H.N.D.S.Wijayawickrama, J.R.N.Perera
The main objective of this research is to determine a model to forecast tea production coming from the medium elevation zones which is in between 600m and 1200m above the sea level.


Platelet Recovery Pattern during the 2011 Dengue Outbreak
Dr. J.K. Wijerathna, H.D.S. Gunasoma, N.N.P. Wanasinghe
The main objective is to find a recovery rate for each patient in the samples from the patients who got treatments for Dengue fever in 2010 and 2011 in Colombo district, and to find a mean recovery rate for each year.


Rice Production Forecasting in Sri Lanka
Dr. S.S.N Perera, D.A. Nanayakkara, Y.Y. Nonis
Rice production for various policy decisions relating to storage, distribution, pricing, marketing, import-export etc. will be forecasted, and the future production will be forecasted to overcome from those identified problems with respect to currently identified factors.


Predicting the Blood Glucose Level for Diabetic Patients
Dr. S.S.N Perera, M.M.G.D Manamperi
An artificial neural network was constructed by combining principal component analysis and multilayer feed forward neural network that predicts the blood glucose level using a number of factors affected to blood glucose level as inputs.