Mrs. M. D. S. Pushparani

Mrs. M. D. S. Pushparani

Scientific Assistant

Department of Nuclear Science,
University of Colombo,
Colombo 03,
Sri Lanka.
Work Phone: 0112158368

Professional Qualifications

  • National Training Course on Radiation safety in using Radioisotopes for Research & Industrial Applications at the Atomic Energy Authority Sri Lanka (2005 November ))
  • Data Analysis Using SPSS at the Department of Statistic, University of Colomboconducted by the SLAAS (2008).
  • Participated for Alpha Spectroscopic Analysis program held in Atomic Energy Authority of Sri Lanka under Dr. W. Westmeier – IAEA Expert (2008 July).
  • One year research program on “Uranium waste management and their solidification ” in Nagoya University Japan supported by MEXT( Ministry of Education Sport ,Science and Technology Japan) & conducted by NSRA( Nuclear Safety Research Association ) Japan ( 2009 Sep-2010 Sep.).
  • National Training course on Radiochemical separation Techniques and Nuclear measurements including Alpha Spectrometry under Prof. V. Nora-IAEA expert (2011 Jan.)


  • Formulation Analysis of Pesticide Diuron , Supervisors Dr.(Mrs) H. Alweis and Dr. Ms. R.D.Wijesekara – Dissertation submitted to the partial fulfillment of chemistry Special Degree.
  • Speciation of Metal Ion Chromium in water by low cost experimental technique and computer modeling, Supervisors Prof. H.D. Gunawardana, and Dr. D. P. Dissanayake. (Dissertation Submitted to the partial fulfillment of M.Sc. in analytical chemistry).
  • Study of the extraction of lanthanides by conventional solvent extraction technology and supercritical carbon dioxide (SCC ) modified with a chemical complex of tributyl -phosphate with nitric acid. Study of Anti-Solvent effect of supercritical carbondioxide and dodecane on the chemical complex of tributyl phosphate with nitric acid – Supervisors; Prof. Y. Enokida and Associated Prof. K. Sawada; EcoTopia Science Institute ,Nagoya University , Japan.