CS & IT Subject Syllabuses

CS 3001 – Visual programming technologies

Dependencies: CS 1002 and CS 2002 are required
References: Teaches Visual Basic 6, by Paul D. Sheriff, Prentice Hall of India,1999; Visual Basic 6 , by Rob Thayer, Unleashed(Techmedia), 2000; Mastering Visual Basic 6 by Petroutsos
Assessment: Assignments and written examination
Syllabus: RAD Concept and Introduction to programming task: RAD Phases, Comparison between RAD and traditional methodologies, Introduction to the latest tools available; Introduction to a RAD environment: Dialog Boxes, SDI, MDI Applications, Component Development: Reusability, Introduction to COM, DCOM, DLL s, Active X and other technologies; Database Design and Modelling Tools: DAO, RDO, ADO technologies, Client/ Server Architecture, Data service, Business service, Presentation service, Reverse Engineering, Round trip Engineering, Multitasking, Internet Integration and Network Communication: Building web enable applications, Client /Server debugging.