Level III Course Units

Course No.Course ModuleCreditsType 
Sem I
IS3001Sampling Techniques230Lx
IS3050Statistical Inference 345Lx
IS3051Advanced Statistical Process Control230Lx
ST3006Regression Analysis230Lx
ST3074Time Series Analysis230Lo
ST3076Reliability Data Analysis345Lo
MS3002Advanced Marketing Research115Lx
MS3003Operational Research II230Lo
CS3007Multimedia Technologies330L 30Po
Sem II
IS3003Special Topics I215L 30Po
IS3052Advanced Topics in Experimental Design230Lx
IS3053Data Mining Techniques215L 30Px
IS3054Literature Review in IS 130Px
FM3003Calculus III 230Lo
MS3004Quality Management / Project Management230Lx
IT3002Database Systems330P 30Lo

Note: Students may take a maximum of 33 credits. Abbreviations : x – core courses, o – electives, L – lectures, P – practicals, C – credits

Level IV Course Units

Course No.Course ModuleCreditsType 
Sem I
IS4001Computer Intensive Methods230Lx
IS4002Advanced Statistical Modeling 345Lo
ST4030Multivariate Data Analysis345Lo
ST4031Stochastic Processes and Applications345Lx
IS4003Special Topics II230Lo
IS4004Case Studies in IS230Px
CS4011Natural Language Processing330L 30Po
Sem II
IS4005Industrial Training 4120Px
IS4006Individual Project 6180Px
CS4006Advanced Database Systems330L 30Po