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SOP 04

Revision# 1.0
Prepared By: sub committee appointed by Quality Assuarance Committee
Date Prepared: January, 2016

Effective Date: August 2019
Revised By: Sub committee appointed by IQAC
Date Revised: March 2019

Approved By: IQAC/ FB
Date Approved: 437th FB August 2019

[1] Purpose

Procedures for Procurement

[2] Participants

  1. Vice Chancellor
  2. Registrar
  3. Bursar
  4. Dean of the Faculty
  5. Heads of the Departments/ Coordinators
  6. Academic staff member/s
  7. AR/ SAR/ DR of the Faculty
  8. AB/ SAB/ DB of the faculty
  9. Shroff, University of Colombo

[3] Procedure

Activity 1: Identifying the needs

1.1 Academic staff member/ technical officer/ other employee informs the Head of department/ unit of the needs

1.2 Head of department/ unit shall discuss the need at the department / unit meeting

1.3 Head of department/ unit shall forward the request through the Dean, with necessary specifications/quotations to AB/ SAB/ DB

1.4 Head of department/unit maintains a record of the request with specifications

1.5 AR/ SAR/ DR, based on requests of academics/ non-academics/ students, shall discuss the needs with the Dean of the faculty.

1.6 The Dean shall discuss the need at the Faculty Board meeting and informs AR/ SAR/ DR

1.7 AR/SAR/DR shall forward the request with necessary specifications/quotations to the AB/SAB/DB

1.8 Grantee shall inform the AB/ SAB/ DB of the faculty through the Head of Department and Dean, of the need and provide specifications/ quotations

Activity 2: Procurement procedure

2.1 AB/ SAB/ DB shall proceed with purchasing/ calling quotations for the purchase OR shall obtain the recommendations of the respective Head of Department/ Unit or AR/ SAR/ DR or Grantee, or when needed that if the technical evaluation committee/ procurement committee.

2.2 AB/ SAB/ DB shall inform the respective Head of Department/ Unit or AR/SAR/DR or Grantee, of the placement of the Purchase Orders

2.3 AB/SAB/DB shall follow up the purchasing of items

Activity 3: Inspection and inventorying items

3.1 The respective parties shall inspect the delivered items for compliance with specifications and good condition, prior to acceptance

3.2 If items are not in an acceptable condition the AB/ SAB/ DB shall be informed

3.3 The relevant party shall inventorize the items and forwards the invoice (with the inventory folio number) and payment voucher to AB/ SAB/ DB

Activity 4: Obtaining and settlement of cash advances

4.1 Academic/ administrative staff shall forward the request with an estimated budget/ quotation (where necessary) with advance settlement certification through Head/ Dean to AB/ SAB/ DB

4.2 AB/ SAB/ DB shall obtain approval from the relevant authority as specified in the University Circular No. 63/2019.

4.3 AB/ SAB/ DB shall inform the status of the cash advance to the requested parties

4.4 Cash advance should be settled as follows;

4.4.1 All purchased items should be inventorised in the Fixed Assets Register/ consumable inventory (where necessary) and the inventory folio number should be stated in the invoice

4.4.2 Any balances should be returned to Shroff with duly filled form signed by the AB/ SAB/ DB

4.4.3 The settlement voucher should be sent to AB/ SAB/ DB through Head/ Dean with relevant invoices/ receipts certified by Head/ coordinator within the specified time period

[4] Effectiveness Criteria

Head of the Department / Unit, AR/ SAR/ DR, Grantee, AB/ SAB/ DB maintain records

[5] Reference

Government financial regulations