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SOP 05

Revision# 1.0
Prepared By: sub committee appointed by Quality Assuarance Committee
Date Prepared: January, 2016

Effective Date: August 2019
Revised By: Sub committee appointed by IQAC
Date Revised: March 2019

Approved By: IQAC/ FB
Date Approved: 437th FB August 2019

[1] Purpose

Procedures for Recruitment

[2] Participants

  1. Vice Chancellor
  2. Dean of the Faculty
  3. Heads of the Departments
  4. Academic staff member/s
  5. AR/SAR/DR of the Faculty
  6. AR/ SAR/ DR Academic Establishment
  7. AR/ SAR/ DR Non-academic Establishment

[3] Procedure

Activity 1: Identification of requirements/ expertise

1.1 The Head and members of the department at a meeting shall review the current requirements for academic staff in terms of expertise as necessitated by the courses offered giving due consideration to the activities set out in the strategic plan. The retirement schedules of academic staff for a five-year period will be reviewed and documented on which the required expertise will be based. A similar procedure shall be followed for identifying the needs for academic-support and non-academic staff.

1.2 The Head shall bring these needs to the notice of the Dean, through whom a request shall be made to the AR/ SAR/ DR – Academic/ Non-academic Establishments, to advertise the identified positions. The required fields of expertise and other minimum qualifications will be specified.

Activity 2: Advertising for the academic / academic-support position/s

2.1 The AR/SAR/DR – Academic Establishment shall prepare an advertisement on an approved template, subject to the conditions specified by the UGC. A draft of the advertisement shall be approved by the Dean and the Head of the relevant department.

2.2 The AR/ SAR/ DR – Academic Establishment shall post the advertisement in national newspapers and the University Web Site and call for applications by a stipulated date.

2.3 The AR/ SAR/ DR – Academic Establishment shall send a list of the applicants with details, to the Head of the relevant department through the Dean.

2.4 Head shall make recommendations giving due consideration to the requirements specified in the advertisement, and the list shall be sent to the AR/ SAR/ DR – Academic Establishment.

Activity 3: Selection

3.1 The Senate shall appoint a Selection Panel comprising the Vice Chancellor, Dean, a Senate representative, a Council representative, Head and a senior academic of the relevant department and an expert in the field (where necessary).

3.2 The AR/ SAR/ DR – Academic Establishments calls the candidates for an Interview with the Selection Panel.

3.3 The candidates shall face an interview with the Selection Panel and shall be evaluated against criteria set out in a standard evaluation form.

3.4 The AR/ SAR/ DR – Academic Establishments shall send the list of the selected candidates to the Management Committee and the Council, for approval (for the UGC approval where necessary).

3.5 The AR/ SAR/ DR – Academic Establishments shall prepare the letter of appointment which will be sent to the selected candidates with the signature of the Vice Chancellor.

[4] Effectiveness Criteria

  • Maintain a record (by the Head of department) of the decisions made pertaining to requirements for academic and non-academic staff.
  • AR/ SAR/ DR – Academic Establishments maintains documents of advertisement, lists of applicants etc.
  • Senate minutes
  • Management Committee minutes
  • Council minutes

[5] Reference

University establishment code