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SOP 01

Revision# 1.0
Prepared By: sub committee appointed by Quality Assuarance Committee
Date Prepared: January, 2016

Effective Date: August 2019
Revised By: Sub committee appointed by IQAC
Date Revised: March 2019

Approved By: IQAC/ FB
Date Approved: 437th FB August 2019

[1] Purpose

Procedures for revision / introduction of course units / programmes

[2] Participants

  1. Senate of the University
  2. Dean of the Faculty
  3. Heads of the Department
  4. AR / SAR / DR of the Faculty
  5. Academic staff member / s
  6. Director Undergraduate Studies (Chairperson / CDEC)
  7. Members of CDEC

[3] Procedure

Activity 1: Rationale for revision/ introduction

1.1 Academic staff member/ s shall communicate the need to revise/ introduce a course unit/ programme to the Head of the Department (Hereafter referred to as Head) with evidence (generated through formal/ informal processes, needs assessment).

1.2 The Head shall inform the academic staff members in the department about the revision/ introduction of the course unit/ programme.

Activity 2: Preparation of draft document

2.1 Head shall assign the task of preparing the relevant documents to a team of academic staff members in the department and specifies a time frame for preparation of draft document.

2.2 Academic staff member/s of the department shall obtain the feedback from relevant internal and external experts during preparation of draft document.

2.3 Academic staff member/s shall revise/ formulate the course according to the guidelines approved by the Faculty.

2.4 Draft document shall be circulated among academic staff of the department for suggestions and revisions.

Activity 3: CDEC approval of revised / introduced course unit/ programme

3.1 Head of the department shall forward draft document of the course/ programme to CDEC.

3.2 The Chairperson of CDEC shall circulate the draft document among its members for feedback.

3.3 The Chairperson of CDEC shall inform the Head of the decision and of further actions (if any).

3.4 The Head informs the document preparation team to finalize the document which will be re-sent to the CDEC.

Activity 4: Faculty Board approval

4.1 CDEC shall forward the final document to the AR/ SAR/ DR to be tabled at the meeting of the Faculty Board.

4.2 Members of the Faculty Board shall review the contents of revision/ new course unit/ programme.

4.3 The document preparation team will finalize the document based on comments of the Faculty Board.

Activity 5: Senate approval

5.1 Faculty Board shall recommend the final document for Senate approval.

5.2 The AR/ SAR/ DR shall forward the final document to the Senate for approval.

5.3 The Senate shall grant approval with suggestions/ recommendations.

Activity 6: Incorporation of revised / introduced course unit/ programme

6.1 The Dean shall inform the relevant Department of the Senate Decision.

6.2 The AR/ SAR/ DR – Academic & Publication shall, in writing, inform AR/ SAR/ DR – Faculty, of the Senate decision which is conveyed to the Head.

6.3 The Head shall direct changes to be made to the Handbook and instruct Web Administrator to incorporate the necessary changes in the web page and course registration.

Activity 7: Implementing the revised / introduced course unit/ programme

7.1 The Head shall instruct AR/ SAR/ DR to include the course unit/ programme in the regular academic time table.

7.2 The Head shall, at a departmental meeting, assign teaching duties to the academic staff members.

7.3 The Head and the academic staff of the department shall decide on steps to be taken (e.g. repeat attempts to be allowed) to enable smooth transition from the previous course unit/ programme to the newly proposed course/ programme, in accordance with the Faculty By-laws.

[4] Effectiveness Criteria

  • Maintain a record (by the Head of department) of the activities and dates by which the activities have been completed.
  • AR/ SAR/ DR maintains decisions/ minutes of CDEC, Faculty Board and the Senate.