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Department Committee

TOR 04

[1] Purpose

Department committee of a department is a standing committee of the Faculty Board of the Faculty of Science, responsible for matters pertaining to academic, administrative, financial, student and staff related issues in the department

[2] Committee Composition and meetings

A. Membership

  1. Heads of the Departments
  2. Academic staff members of the department
  3. One academic staff member will be appointed as the secretary

B. Meeting Schedule

The Committee shall meet once a month

[3] Duties and Responsibilities of the department committee

3.1 Prepare lecture/ practical/ research/ seminar schedules in accordance with faculty time table and by-laws

3.2 Assign academics for carrying out coursework/ practical/ research/ seminar

3.3 Prepare the list of visiting academic staff

3.4 Prepare the list of first and second examiners for faculty board approval

3.5 Make recommendations to the Faculty Board in matters pertaining to academic calendar, lecture time tables, any other student matter

3.6 Recommend changes/ inclusions/ omissions of course content for CDEC and faculty board approval

3.7 Nominate coordinators and prepare the required TORs for coordinators in order to carry out the assigned tasks within the department

3.8 Prepare the department action plan to align with faculty and university strategic plan

3.9 Prepare/ revise the plan for recruitment of academic staff considering future needs

3.10 Recommend actions regarding requests from stakeholders (students, staff and other external parties) to the faculty board

3.11 Monitor, review and implement the courses offered by the department

3.12 Obtain stakeholder feedback and implement periodic review of curriculum

3.13 Liaise with Faculty QA Cell, other departments, centers and units within the Faculty of Science to share good practices for quality enhancement

3.14 Any other matter related to department which does not come under above mentioned areas