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Permanent Student Counselor

TOR 15

Duties and Responsibilities of the Permanent Student Counselor

  1. Assist Dean/ Science and the faculty to maintain student discipline.
  2. Assist Dean/ Science to handle issues with regard to student conflicts.
  3. Provide assistance to students facing emergencies and in need of financial assistance.
  4. Assist Dean/ Science to successfully execute the Orientation programme for new intake of students.
  5. Liaise with the Senior Student Counselor, University of Colombo to coordinate university level student activities/matters
  6. Direct students who are in need of professional counseling to Professional Counselors in consultation with the Dean /Science.
  7. Direct Temporary Student Counselors in order for them to function their task fruitfully.
  8. To assist university accepted student societies in the faculty to conduct programmes which are recommended by the Faculty Board.
  9. To report all student activities and misconduct to the Dean/ Science.
  10. To assist Dean/ Science to conduct student disciplinary actions.
  11. To harmonize the new intake of students with the senior students.
  12. Any other related duties as assigned by the Vice Chancellor and or Dean/ Science from time to time