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Research Committee

TOR 08

[1] Purpose

The Research Committee is a standing committee of the Faculty Board, of the Faculty of Science, responsible for matters pertaining to research

[2] Committee Composition and meetings

A. Membership

I. Dean (Chairperson of the Committee): Prof. DUJ Sonnadara

II. Heads of the Departments

  • Prof. DD Wickremasinghe – Zoology & Environment Sciences
  • Prof. KMN de Silva – Chemistry
  • Prof. KPSC Jayaratne – Physics
  • Dr. CD Thilakaratne – Statistics
  • Dr. MR Lamabadusuriya – Nuclear Sciences
  • Dr. SSN Perera – Mathematics
  • Dr. CM Nanayakkara – Plant Sciences

III. Director, Postgraduate Studies: Prof. MR Wijesinghe

IV. Director, Undergraduate Studies: Prof. TD Silva

V. Senior Assistant Registrar: Ms. TDD Pathiranage

B. Meeting Schedule

The Committee shall meet once a month on a scheduled date (generally the second Wednesday of each month)

[3] Duties and Responsibilities of the Research committee

3.1 Evaluate applications for staff research allowances in accordance with Circular No. 02/2014 (Annex …) (2.1 A1) and make recommendations

3.2 Evaluate applications and make recommendations for University/Senate/Faculty Research awards

3.3 Evaluate research proposals / progress reports of university research grants

3.4 Recommend evaluators for research proposals submitted for university research grants

3.5 Evaluate applications for travel grants and make recommendations

3.6 Evaluate and make recommendations for any other related request forwarded to the committee