Our Vision

Our vision is to ensure that on the successful completion of a research degree a postgraduate of the Faculty of Science, University of Colombo would be capable of spearheading research in a chosen discipline/s of science to generate new knowledge that is locally relevant, regionally pre-eminent and congruent with international quality standards, thus being globally competitive.



The Faculty also offers students an opportunity to embark upon MPhil and Ph.D. research. These programmes are supervised by high-calibre academic staff in the seven departments offering degrees in a plethora of disciplines. Many of the research projects are multidisciplinary and may have other local or international collaborators. These MPhil and Ph.D. research programmes are either full-time or part-time. A student can be registered as an internal student where a major part of the work is carried out at the University of Colombo, or as an external student who would carry out most of the work at an external collaborating institution. In the case of an external student, at least one supervisor must be from the Faculty of Science of the University of Colombo.

Funding of the programmes is usually through research grants to the supervisor/s by various funding agencies. Very often, funding provides a monthly stipend for the student who would be conducting research on a full-time basis.