Application Procedure

Applications are entertained throughout the year.  Every application for enrolment must be made in duplicate on the prescribed forms obtained from the Academic and Publications Branch, University of Colombo on the payment of a non-refundable application processing fee.  If an application form is downloaded from the Internet, payment of the application processing fee should be made at the time of submission of the completed application form.  The acceptance of the application will be determined on the basis of the particulars disclosed.  The relevant academic/professional qualifications possessed by the candidate should be supported by academic transcripts and authenticated copies of degree / diploma certificates.

In the event of any discrepancy between the name/s appearing in an applicant’s academic / professional / birth certificates and the name given by the applicant in the application form, an affidavit to this effect that the applicant is the one and the same person known by all such name/s or relevant certificates should be sent together with the application form.

Duly completed application forms should be forwarded to the SAR, AR/Faculty of   Science.

The applications shall be considered by the relevant Department of study, HDC and the Faculty Board.  The applicants shall be informed of their acceptance/non-acceptance for the particular programme for which admission has been sought.  The decision of the Faculty Board shall be final in the admission to any programme.

Download a sample application form.