Degree of Master of Philosophy (M.Phil)

The minimum requirements for registration are

  1. a M.Sc. degree from a recognized University
  2. a B.Sc. special degree from a recognized University in the relevant area of study
  3. a B.Sc. General Degree from a recognized University with courses/subjects relevant to the area of study
  4. any other relevant qualifications acceptable to the University of Colombo.

Candidates admitted under category (iii) and any other candidate deemed necessary by the Faculty Board, shall be required to pass a qualifying examination in the appropriate field of study.  The requirement should be completed within a maximum period of nine months from the date of registration.

The qualifying examination shall consist of,

  1. Independent and directed study assigned to him/her by the Department of study and approved by the Faculty Board followed by an examination that would be equivalent to at least three credits.
  2. Course work approved by the Faculty Board equivalent to at least three credits at B.Sc. special degree level.

The program shall consist of

(i)   Research in a specified field under the guidance of a supervisor/s and
(ii)  Advanced studies under the guidance of the supervisor/s in one or more subject as specified by the supervisor/s

The minimum duration for

(i)   full time candidates  is two years
(ii)  part time candidates is three years

The maximum duration for the M.Phil degree would be five years for full time students and seven years for part time students from the date of registration.  On a written request by the student, he/she may be allowed to change over from being a full time student to a part time student and vice-versa.  The minimum period required for completing the remaining program shall be decided by the Faculty Board.

The M.Phil degree may be awarded to a candidate who has

(i)     fulfilled the admission requirements and
(ii)    been accepted by the Faculty Board as a candidate for the M.Phil degree and
(iii)   been duly registered and paid fees for the duration of his/her  programme and
(iv)   successfully completed the all other specified degree requirements

A student who has been registered for an M.Phil degree program and who has made good progress may at his/her request and upon the recommendation of the HDC be permitted by the Faculty Board to transfer registration to that of a Ph.D. degree program under the rules governed by such a program.  A student may apply for such a transfer only after completion of at least one year of the M.Phil program.