Registration Procedure

An applicant who has been accepted as a postgraduate student shall be required to register to follow the particular program.  The effective date of registration would be the date on which the duly completed application was received at the Faculty Office.

It shall be obligatory for each student to renew the registration every year until the completion of the program of study.

A student wishing to withdraw from the programme for which he/she is registered should do so in writing to the Dean, Faculty of Science.

An M.Phil/Ph.D. student who fails to maintain his/her registration shall be deemed to have withdrawn from the selected programme of study.  If he/she wishes to re-enter the programme, he/she must apply for re-admission in accordance with the regulation in force at that time.  The procedure for re-admission shall be the same as for initial registration, including the payment of prescribed fees.

Any change in the personal information as submitted at initial registration should be communicated to the Office of the Dean, Faculty of Science.

A student who wishes to make changes in the registration such as thesis topic/title, student status should do so in writing to the Dean, Faculty of Science.  All changes must receive the approval of the supervisor/s and the Head of the relevant Department of study.

A student who desires to postpone his/her registration should do so in writing to the Dean, Faculty of Science giving reasons for and duration of postponement.  Each request shall be considered on its own merit by the Faculty Board.

A registration may be cancelled by the Faculty Board on the recommendation by the HDC for the following reasons.

(a) Non – fulfillment of course work requirements of an M.Phil degree within a maximum period of nine months from the date of registration.
(b) Non-payment of prescribed fees within the first six months of each year
(c) Non – adherence to rules and regulations of the University of Colombo

Leave of absence from the program will not be granted under normal circumstances. However, leave may be granted under extenuating circumstances on a written request made by the student to the Dean, Faculty of Science.

The student should maintain the continuity of registration by paying the relevant registration fees unless an exemption from payment of fees during a period of leave is granted by the Faculty Board.

A postgraduate student would normally be required to work in the Faculty or in an external institution under the guidance of a supervisor/s appointed by the Faculty Board.  When the major part of the research is carried out in an external Institution at least one of the supervisors should be from that institution.