Examination and Evaluation Procedure

On successful completion of any course requirements (as specified in 2.2) the performance of a student shall be assessed on the basis of a thesis and a seminar based on the research project and an oral examination.

The  thesis shall be examined by two or more thesis examiners at least one of whom shall be an external examiner.  The examiners may accept the thesis, reject the thesis or recommend amendments and/or further work or in the case of a Ph.D. candidate recommend the award of the M.Phil degree.

If the thesis has been evaluated favourably, by the thesis examiners an viva-voce examination will be conducted.  The panel will consist of the Dean (Chairman), Head of the relevant Department of study, the thesis examiners (where an examiner is not available in the country, the HDC shall nominate a suitable person) an internal examiner (a member from the relevant Department of study with a knowledge of the field of research) and the supervisor/s as an observer/s.  The panel will submit a report on the suitability of the candidate for the award of the degree.

A candidate whose thesis is recommended for the award of the degree is required to make all corrections revisions etc. as required by the panel and re-submit the thesis in the revised form within a period of time specified by the panel of examiners.  The corrections, revisions, should be certified by the internal examiner.

Three copies of the thesis in temporary binding should be submitted in the first instance by the candidate through the supervisor/s and the Head of the Department of study to the Examinations Branch of the University.  The Supervisor/s should certify that the thesis reports original work and is of acceptable standard as required by the University of Colombo.  The Examinations Branch shall dispatch copies of the thesis to the examiners recommended by the Faculty Board.  On receipt of the evaluation reports of the examiners, the examination branch in consultation with the Faculty, shall organize the viva-voceexamination.

Three copies of the thesis in the permanently bound form together with one electronic copy in a compact disc or in an appropriate electronic storage medium, with revisions if any, prepared according to the guidelines should be submitted through the Head of the Department of study to the Examinations branch of the University within the specified period of time as recommended by the panel of examiners at the oral examination.  When the candidate submits the final copies of the thesis, the internal examiner should certify that corrections and revisions, if any, have been properly effected by the candidate.