Why study at Colombo?

The University of Colombo is the highest ranked University in Sri Lanka. The Faculty of Science of the University of Colombo offers a set of diverse and comprehensive postgraduate education programs to pursue advanced studies in science streams. The academic staff members of the faculty are highly qualified and well experienced in teaching and conducing research in the range of disciplines offered.

All academic departments in the faculty have research links with foreign universities and local industries. Research activities and stipends for students are generally funded by research grants. All full-time research students are either supported by the research groups or by the industries where they work. Students joining the Faculty of Science as graduate students play an important role in the research culture that exists within the faculty.

Today, it is essential to undertake further studies or research in science related disciplines to advance your knowledge beyond what is taught at the undergraduate level. We invite you to browse through the range of masters and research programs (M.Phils and Ph.Ds) offered by the Faculty of Science to see the options available to enhance your knowledge by enrolling in one of our study programs.