Masters Programs

Our Vision

Our vision is to ensure that on the successful completion of a Master of Science from the Faculty of Science, University of Colombo, a postgraduate student would be distinguished by their professionalism, be committed to ongoing learning and personal development, be confident and adaptable, and be able to aptly communicate and blend into the wider contexts in which they work to find innovative and sustainable solutions to global issues.  

M.Sc programmes on offer

The Faculty of Science conducts a number of Master of Science (M.Sc. and M.Sc. (Res)) Degree Programmes administered by the relevant departments of study through a Programme Coordinator. M.Sc. programmes are of two types; (i) an M.Sc. equivalent to 30 Credits and placed at SLQF Level 9 spanning across two years and consisting of Parts I and II with the latter incorporating a minor research component and (ii) an M.Sc. (Res) equivalent to 60 Credits and placed at SLQF Level 10 spanning across three years and consisting of Parts I, II and III with Part III incorporating a major research component. Students following an M.Sc. may progress to an M.Sc. (Res.) upon the fulfillment of the conditions specified in the by-laws. Only selected M.Sc. programmes offer the second option.

The programmes leading to the M.Sc. degrees are generally offered on Friday evenings and on weekends, giving employed students an opportunity to follow them.

DisciplineStudy ProgramCoordinatorContact
ChemistryAnalytical Chemistry*
Applied Organic Chemistry*
Chemistry Education*
MathematicsFinancial Mathematics
Mathematics Education
Nuclear ScienceNuclear Science
Medical Physics*
PhysicsM.Sc. in Applied Electronics
M.Sc. in Atmospheric Physics, Dynamic Meteorology & Natural Disaster Preraredness
M.Sc. in Physics Education
Plant SciencesAgricultural Microbiology
Plant Cell & Tissue Culture
StatisticsApplied Statistics
Actuarial Science
Zoology & Environment SciencesEnvironmental Science
Climate Change and Environmental Management

* The department offers an opportunity for qualified students to progress to M.Sc. (Res.).


To be eligible

You must satisfy the following minimum requirements

  • a B.Sc. degree from a recognized university in the relevant subject / field or
  • any other relevant qualification acceptable to the Senate of the University of Colombo and

any other requirement stipulated in the relevant M.Sc. programme

How to apply

Once a course is advertised in the Newspaper and/or Web page of the Faculty of Science, you could obtain an application from College House, University of Colombo, and submit it to the Academic Publications Department located at College House. You will then be called for an interview. In some cases, you may be required to sit for an aptitude test.


Selections will be based on academic merit and the performance at the interview and, where applicable, a written examination.  All selected candidates will be notified of the decision by a letter. Selected candidates are expected to make the stipulated payments to a specified bank. After this the candidate will be registered for the relevant M. Sc. programme.

Structure and duration

An M.Sc. programme offered by the Faculty of Science may consists of three components; Parts I, II and III.

Part I consists of theory, laboratory sessions and field work, and is equivalent to a minimum of 25 credits. A candidate would have to achieve a minimum GPA of 2.5 in Part I to proceed to Part II. If the student fails to obtain the required GPA to proceed to Part II, then the student could make a request to obtain a Postgraduate Diploma (SLQF Level 8) providing he/she satisfies all the requirements.

Part II will carry a minimum of 5 credits and will consist of a mini project or independent study.

Please note that in some programmes, upon the successful completion of Parts I and II, a candidate may have the option of proceeding to Part III. To proceed to Part III a candidate must achieve a minimum GPA of 3.0 for Part II. Also, a candidate who fails to complete Part I and Part II within 3 years from the first registration will not be allowed to register for Part III.

Part III shall carry a minimum of 30 credits of which a minimum of 15 will be assigned to a research component conducted under a supervisor/s.

The duration of an M.Sc. programme is of a minimum of 24 months and the maximum period allowed to complete the degree is five (05) years from the date of first registration.