Masters Programs

The Faculty of Science, University of Colombo offers the following programs leading to an M.Sc./PG Diploma in disciplines that are under the purview of its various Departments of Study.

DisciplineStudy ProgramDegreeTelephone
ChemistryAnalytical Chemistry
Applied Organic Chemistry
Chemistry Education
M.Sc./PG Diploma94-11-2503367
MathematicsFinancial Mathematics
Mathematics Education
M.Sc./PG Diploma94-11-2123123
Nuclear ScienceNuclear Science
Medical Physics
M.Sc./PG Diploma94-11-2158368
PhysicsApplied Electronics
Atmospheric Physics
Physics Education
M.Sc./PG Diploma94-11-2584777
Plant SciencesAgricultural Microbiology
Plant Pathology
Plant Cell & Tissue Culture
M.Sc./PG Diploma94-11-2585038
StatisticsApplied Statistics
Actuarial Science
M.Sc./PG Diploma94-11-2590111
ZoologyPost Graduate ProgramsM.Sc./PG Diploma

A minimum of 30 credits with a GPA of 2.5 from the two components coursework and research, is required to obtain an M.Sc. degree. Those who complete 20 credits of coursework with a GPA of 2.0 can opt for a PG Diploma. The minimum duration of the M.Sc. program is 2 years.