Why study at Colombo?

The postgraduate programs available in the faculty are offered under two categories; masters programs leading to M.Sc. degrees and research programs leading to M.Phil and Ph.D. degrees.

The M.Sc. programs are credit based, part-time, taught programs conducted during weekends to allow students to obtain higher academic qualifications and skills while being employed. Currently there are 12 M.Sc. programs being conducted with a total annual intake of about 250 students.The minimum duration of M.Sc. programs is 2 years.

The M.Phil and Ph.D. programs are full-time or part-time research programs designed for students who seek teaching or research careers in the academia or the industry. Currently there are over a 100 specialized research programs available in diverse disciplines. The minimum duration of full-time M.Phil and Ph.D. programs is 2 years and 3 years respectively.

The minimum entry requirement for masters programs and research programs is a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree from a recognized university (or an equivalent qualification). In general, when enrolling students in M.Phil or Ph.D. programs, preference is given to candidates having a class or who have followed a 4-year special degree program.