Research (M.Phil/Ph.D.) Degree Programs

Those who are interested in reading for an M.Phil or Ph.D. research degree program are encouraged to browse through the wide range of research areas given under each academic department of study. Research programs can also be specifically designed to cater to the needs/interests of students.

A selected list of current research areas available to new students is given below.

DisciplineResearch AreaDisciplineResearch Area
ChemistryAnalytical Chemistry

Natural Products Chemistry

Photo Chemistry

Computational Chemistry

PhysicsLightning Physics

Instrumentation Physics

Atmospheric Physics

Computational Physics

Semiconductor Physics
Plant SciencesPlant Pathology

Plant Biotechnology

Plant Ecology

Plant Physiology

Plant Microbiology
StatisticsMedical Statistics

Categorical Data Analysis

Multivariate Data Analysis

Linear Models

Financial Data Mining

Conservation Biology

Animal Ecology


Vector Biology
MathematicsComputational Fluid Dynamics

Mathematical Modeling


Graph Theory
Nuclear ScienceEnvironmental Radioactivity

Gamma Spectroscopy

The M.Phil and Ph.D. degrees require the planning and completion of an original research project. Each student will be assigned a supervisor/research advisor of his/her choice. The results of the research work must be presented in a written dissertation and defended in an oral examination. Students are allowed to register as full-time/part-time and internal/external candidates. The average time to complete full time M.Phil and Ph.D. degrees is 3.0 and 4.0 years respectively.