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Offered by the Department of Physics

The aim of this programme (SLQF 9 level program) is to enhance and update the knowledge in contemporary Physics of science teachers who already teach Physics or who wish to take a rewarding career in Physics teaching. Further, the program will help gain proper skills in effective and interactive teaching of Physics at school level using modern teaching techniques. Department of Physics, University of Colombo being one of the best academic departments in Sri Lanka with resources and expert knowledge to offer postgraduate training in Physics Education, has organized this course with an objective of contributing to the national development by enhancing the standard of Physics Education in Sri Lanka.


A Bachelor’s degree in Science with Physics as a subject from a recognized University or any other equivalent qualification acceptable to the Senate of the University of Colombo.

Course Fees

Local Students: LKR 275,000/-

International students: USD 3000

Application Fee: LKR 2,500/- (for local students)

*The course fee cannot be paid as installments. However, students are eligible for a Student Loan which can be obtained from the Thummulla Branch of Bank of Ceylon. Please contact the bank for more information.

Registration for 2022 intake

Application of the MSc programme – 2022 intake (Batch 7) with instructions can be downloaded from the following link:

Please fill the pre-registration form to keep in touch.

Important Notices

Call for Applications: September 2022
Application period: September – October 2022
Tentative date of commencement: December 2022

Program Structure

The programme introduces you to philosophical, psychological & social aspects of Education as well asto pedagogical and conceptual knowledge in Physics. The program duration is 18 – 24 months.  MSc in Physics Education is awarded for candidates who obtain a grade point average (GPA) of not less than 2.50 in Part I of the programme and proceeds to Part II of the programme, during which an classroom related independent research study is completed.  Candidates who maintain a GPA of greater than 2.00 but less than 2.50 have the option of being awarded a Postgraduate Diploma in Physics Education.

Medium : English

Mode of learning

Courses are conducted in interactive modes, which may include lectures, group assignment and laboratory based work. Course evaluations are multi-mode and may include, in class assignments, group work based assignments, class presentations and mid/end of semester written exams.  Each student will be allowed to access lecture notes maintained on a Learning Management System (LMS) through Internet. Additional discussion classes will be held in regular intervals for students to interact with the lecturers.   All laboratory classes and discussion classes will be held on Saturdays.

Examination structure

The performance of students in theory and practical course modules under Part I will be evaluated through 11 papers. Evaluation of courses may vary and involve final written examinations, assignments, laboratory practical assignments, project reports or viva-voce examinations.  Repeat of examinations will be allowed only once, typically at the next available opportunity.

In Part II, each student has to undertake a project related to Physics Education Research, which involves measurement of student concepts in a selected domain of physics, during which a pedagogical intervention needs to be devised to improve student learning bottle necks identified. At the completion of the project, students will be evaluated based upon a submitted technical report/dissertation followed by a viva-voce examination. The research has to be followed as per general guidelines of the university.

Course Modules

PART I (26 credits)

Course Code Name Hours/ Credits
MPE 5501 Foundations of Science Education 30L 30P, 3C
MPE 5502 Technological Aspects of Education 30L 30P, 3C
MPE 5503 Laboratory in Information Communication Technology for Teaching 30P, 1C
MPE 5504 Instructional Design Methods 15L 30P, 2C
MPE 5505 Methods in Physics Education Research 30P, 2C
MPE 5506 Mathematical Methods in Physics 15L, 1C
MPE 5507 Perspectives in Classical Mechanics & Thermal Physics 30L 30P, 3C
MPE 5508 Perspectives in Electromagnetic Theory & Optics 30L 30P, 3C
MPE 5509 Perspectives in Electronics & Semiconductor Physics 30L 30P, 3C
MPE 5510 Perspectives in Modern Physics 30L 30P, 3C
MPE 5511 Special Topics in Physics 30L, 2C

PART II (5 credits)

Course Code Name Credits
MPE 5512 Physics Education Project 5C

Panel of Lecturers

Prof. Chandana Jayaratne
Prof. S.R.D. Rosa
Prof. Barlo Daya
Prof. Mahesh Edirisinghe
Dr. Ramal Coorey
Dr. Siyath Gunewardene
Dr. G S Amarasinghe
Mrs. R.D.C. Niroshinie
Mrs. Yogaranee Shakthivel

Further Information

Further information regarding the MSc Programme can be obtained by contacting the programme coordinator.

Contact details of the programme coordinators are as follows.

Intake Coordinator Phone No. Email
2022 Dr. Ramal Coorey (+94)719279436
2020 Dr. Ramal Coorey (+94)719279436
2018 Dr. Ramal Coorey (+94)719279436