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Offered by the Department of Plant Sciences

Plant Pathology is the study of plant diseases, their causes, and the interaction with the environment. The Master’s Degree program emphasizes studies on microorganisms, plants and their interactions. The field consists of several sub-disciplines including Phytomycology, Bacteriology, Plant Virology, Nematology, Epidemiology, Crop Protection and Post Harvest Pathology, to the study of which the tools of Genetics, Biochemistry, and Molecular Biology are applied.

The Master’s Degree is designed to provide students with a broad exposure to the discipline of Plant Pathology through coursework and field / research experience. Students will have the opportunity to be trained in both basic and applied aspects in Plant Pathology, with one of the primary thrusts of the program focusing on agricultural crops of economic importance.


B.Sc. degree from a recognized University with Botany / Plant Sciences or Agriculture as a subject or any other equivalent qualification acceptable to the Senate of the University of Colombo.

Course Fees

LKR 250,000.00

Application Fee: LKR 2,500/-
Registration Fee: LKR 2,500/-
Course Fee: 297,500/-

*The course fee cannot be paid as installments. However, our students are eligible for a student loan which can be obtained from the Thumulla Branch of Bank of Ceylon. Please contact them for more information.

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The program is not yet advertised for the 2020 intake. Please fill the pre-registration form to keep in touch.

Tentative dates

Please visit to MSc notice board to get more information.

Program Structure

The program consists of course work (22 credits) and a research project (8 credits)

  • 1st year – Course work ( 2 semesters of 20 weeks each)
  • 2 nd year – Research project, seminar and viva voce examination

The program will be conducted on weekdays and/or weekends

The duration of the entire program is 2 years (4 semesters)

The Postgraduate Diploma consists of course work of 22 credits with a duration of one year (02 semesters).


  • To accommodate graduates who require further training in plant pathology prior to entering teaching or research careers.
  • To produce plant pathologists capable of evaluating and solving new disease problems
  • To assist in improving the local agriculture and horticulture industry

Examination structure

The performance of students in theory and practical course modules under part I will be evaluated through 11 papers. Evaluations in the theory courses may include in-class assignments in addition to the written examinations. The written examinations will be held at the end of each semester. Each written paper will be of two-hour duration. 

In the practical courses, the assessments will be carried out on a continuous basis. The students will be evaluated according to their performance in the laboratory and a final laboratory examination. 

Those who fail the examinations will be allowed to repeat each paper once, at the next available opportunity. In the guided reading course, each student will be required to gain a thorough knowledge on a given topic through a literature survey. The assessment will be based on the display of the knowledge acquired, through written reports and oral presentations. 

In part II, each student will be given a project. At the completion of the project, students will be required to submit a technical report/dissertation. The evaluation of project, which will be based on the technical report/dissertation and viva-voce examinations, will be carried out according to the general guidelines of the faculty.

Course Modules

Further Information

Further information regarding the M.Sc. Program can be obtained by contacting the program coordinator.

Contact details of the program coordinators are as follows.

Intake Coordinator Email
2020 Dr. (Mrs) C.M. Nanayakkara