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The Faculty of Science conducts a number of Master of Science (MSc and MSc (Res)) Degree Programmes administered by the relevant departments of study through a Programme Coordinator. MSc programmes are of two types; (i) an M.Sc. equivalent to 30 Credits and placed at SLQF Level 9 spanning across two years and consisting of Parts I and II with the latter incorporating a minor research component and (ii) an MSc (Res) equivalent to 60 Credits and placed at SLQF Level 10 spanning across three years and consisting of Parts I, II and III with Part III incorporating a major research component. Students following an MSc may progress to an MSc (Res.) upon the fulfillment of the conditions specified in the by-laws. Only selected MSc programmes offer the second option.

Our Vision

Our vision is to ensure that on the successful completion of a Master of Science from the Faculty of Science, University of Colombo, a postgraduate student would be distinguished by their professionalism, be committed to ongoing learning and personal development, be confident and adaptable, and be able to aptly communicate and blend into the wider contexts in which they work to find innovative and sustainable solutions to global issues. 


An MSc programme offered by the Faculty of Science may consists of three components; Parts I and II

Coursework Component (Part I)

Part I consists of theory, laboratory and field work. A theory course will, in general, consist of two or more credits where one credit is equivalent to fifteen hours of instruction. For laboratory and field work where applicable, approximately thirty hours of work is considered one credit. The total coursework component shall consist of a minimum of 20 credits.

In some MSc programmes students may be required to follow preliminary courses which will not be credited. Further, students may take non-credit courses to advance their knowledge with the consent of the relevant Department.

Research Component (Part II)

To proceed to part II students should achieve the specified minimum requirement in the coursework component.

Part II consists of a research project, or components equivalent to a research project. Students are required to carry out research at an academic/research/industrial institution where necessary facilities are available. The title of the research project, place where the research work will be carried out, and the supervisor/s should be approved by the Faculty Board prior to commencement of research.


The duration of the programme will be 18-24 months. Part I shall be conducted usually in the first year of the program over 2 semesters of 20 weeks each. Part II shall be of 6-12 months duration.

The courses are offered during weekdays and/or weekends. However in carrying out the research project continuous attendance may be necessary during regular working hours of the week. The maximum period allowed to complete the degree is 05 years from the date of the first registration.