Biological Science Courses List

Biological Science – Level 1

Plant SciencesBT 1011
BT 1012
BT 1013
BT 1009
BT 1014
BT 1008
BT 1010
Genetics and Cell Biology
Variety of Plant and Microbial Life
Plant Structure
Genetics and Cell Biology Practicals
Flora of Sri Lanka
Plant Resources
Variety of Plant and Microbial Life Practicals
30 L
30 L
5 L 20 P
30 P
15 L
15 L
30 P
ChemistryCH 1008
CH 1010
CH 1003
CH 1009
CH 1006
CH 1004
General & Physical Chemistry
Calculations in Chemistry
Practical Chemistry I
Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry I
Impact of Chemistry on Society
Practical Chemistry II
30 L
15 L
60 P
30 L
30 L
30 P
ZoologyZL 1013
ZL 1010
ZL 1008
ZL 1005
ZL 1011
Modern topics in Biology
Animal Behaviour
Variety of Animal Life
Biosystematics, Evolution and Biogeography
15 L
15 L 30 P
30 L 30 P
30 L
15 L 30 P
BiochemistryBC 1001
BC 1006
BC 1008
Chemical Basis of Life
Techniques in Biochemistry
Structure and Functions of Biomolecules
15 L
15 L 30 P
30 L 30 P
Computer ScienceCS 1002
CS 1001
Introduction to Computing
Fundamentals of Programming
45 L
30 L 30 P

Biological Science – Level 2

Course UnitTitleCredit ValueHours
BT 2001Biostatistics215 L
30 P
BT 2013Plant Development115 L
BT 2014Principles of Microbiology115 L
BT 2015Introductory Molecular Biology and Recombinant DNA Technology115 L
BT 2017Plant Biochemistry and Physiology230 L
BT 2018Plant Biochemistry and Physiology Practicals115 L
CH 2002Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry230 L
CH 2003Practical Chemistry III260 P
CH 2004Practical Chemistry IV130 P
CH 2006Chemistry of Air, Water and Soil230 L
CH 2008Fundamentals of Physical Chemistry230 L
CH 2009Intermediate Organic Chemistry115 L
CH 2010Phase Equilibria & Surface Chemistry115 L
ZL 2004Fauna of Sri Lanka115 L
ZL 2005Human Health and Diseases230 L
ZL 2006Modern Applications of Zoology and Ethical Concerns115 L
ZL 2009Principles of Ecology330 L 30 P
ZL 2010Animal Form and Function330 L 30 P
BC 2006Biochemistry of Life Processes330 L 30 P
BC 2007Introduction to Metabolism230 L
BC 2009Practical Biochemistry130 P
NS 2002Radiation in the Environment230 L
NS 2001Fundamentals of Nuclear Science230 L
EN 2007Fundamentals of Environment Management345 L
CS 2001Internet Technologies330 L 30 P
CS 2002Fundamentals of Software Engineering345 L

Biological Science – Level 3

Course UnitTitleCredit ValueHours
BT 3001Plant Pathology330 L 30 P
BT 3002Horticulture330 L 30 P
BT 3003Plant Molecular Biology230 L
BT 3005Advanced Microbiology330 L 30 P
BT 3006Plant Tissue Culture Technology330 L 30 P
BT 3007Crop Improvement115 L
CH 3001Topics in Analytical Chemistry I230 L
CH 3002Practical Analytical Chemistry130 P
CH 3003Industrial Chemistry230 L
CH 3004Laboratory Management115 L
CH 3005Chemical Technology230 L
CH 3007Topics in Analytical Chemistry II115 L
CH 3008Quality Management115 L
CH 3010Environmental Chemistry230 L
CH 3024Pharmaceutical Chemistry *230 L
CH 3027Molecular Biology *230 L
ZL 3006Molecular Biological and Immunological Applications230 L
ZL 3010Fish Biology & Fisheries330 L 30 P
ZL 3011Animal Parasites & Pests330 L 30 P
ZL 3012Human & Mammalian Biology330 L 30 P
ZL 3014Economic Zoology330 L 30 P
ZL 3015Introduction to Biological Psychology115 L
ZL 3017Wetland Ecology215 L 30 P
BC 3002Clinical Biochemistry330 L 30 P
BC 3006 Biochemistry Seminar130 P
EN 3012Environment Resource management445 L 30 P
EN 3013Natural Hazards & Disaster Risk Management330 L 30 P
EN 3014Environmental Economics & Sustainable Development345 L
EN 3015Biodiversity Management445 L 30 P
EN 3016Environment & Industry330 L 30 P
EN 3017Landscape Ecology445 L 30 P
EN 3018Public Policy & Social Movement230 L
IT 3001Management Information Systems330 L 30 P
IT 3002Database Systems330 L 30 P
IT 3003Advanced Programming Techniques330 L 30 P
CS 3001Visual Programming Technologies330 L 30 P
PH 3002Environmental Physics345 L
PH 3008Astronomy345 L
NS 3005Radiobiology230 L
NS 3006Nuclear Techniques in Biology215 L 30 P
NS 3019Medical Physics345 L