Industrial Statistics and Mathematical Finance Courses List

Industrial Statistics and Mathematical Finance – Level 1

Industrial StatisticsIS 1001
IS 1002
IS 1003
IS 1004
IS 1005
Basic Statistics in Business
Introduction to Probability & Distributions
Elementary Data Analysis
Introduction to Statistical Modelling
Statistical Computing
15 L
30 L
15 L 30 P
15 L
15 L 30 P
Financial Mathematics FM 1001
FM 1002
PM 1001
FM 1004
FM 1005
Financial Mathematics
Mathematical Methods for Finance I
Calculus I
Mathematical Economics
Linear Algebra
15L 30P
30 L
30 L
30 L
30 L
Management Science MS 1001
MS 1002
MS 1003
MS 1004
Principles of Management
Linear Programming*
Operational Research I
Computing for Finance*
15 L
15 L 30 P
30 L
10 L 10 P
Computer ScienceCS 1002
CS 1001
Introduction to Computing
Fundamentals of Programming
45 L
30 L 30 P

Industrial Statistics and Mathematical Finance – Level 2

Course UnitTitleCredit HoursTitle
IS 2002Statistical Case Studies I130 P
MS 2004Introduction to Marketing Research115 L
IS 2001Introduction to Survey Designs115 L
MS 2003Qualitative Methods*115 L
IS 2004Statistical Case Studies II260 P
ST 2003Introduction to Non-Parametric Methods230 L
FM 2001Computational Financial Mathematics I215 L 30 P
FM 2004Mathematical Methods for Finance II230 L
PM 2001Calculus II230 L
MS 2002Quantitative Methods*230 L
FM 2005Computational Financial Mathematics II230 L
PM 2004Logic and Introduction to Analysis230 L
MS 2001Statistical Quality Control230 L
FM 2002Actuarial Mathematics I230 L
ST 2001Basic Elements of Inference230 L
IS 2003Design and Analysis of Industrial Experiments230 L
CS 2001Internet Technologies330 L 30 P
CS 2002Fundamentals of Software Engineering345 L

Industrial Statistics and Mathematical Finance – Level 3

Course UnitTitleCredit HoursTitle
IS 3001Sampling Techniques230 L
ST 3006Regression Analysis230 L
IS 3004Applied Multivariate Methods230 L
IS 3002Statistics in Practice215L 30 P
IS 3003Special Topics I215 L 30 P
ST 3004Time Series and Forecasting230 L
FM 3004Numerical Methods for Finance220 L 20 P
FM 3002Actuarial Mathematics II345 L
FM 3003Calculus III230 L
FM 3001Mathematical Programming in Finance330 L 30 P
MS 3005Introduction to Management Accounting230 L
MS 3002Advanced Marketing Research115 L
MS 3003Operational Research II230 L
MS 3004Quality Management/Project Management230 L
MS 3001Introduction to Game Theory345 L
CS 3001Visual Programming Technologies330 L 30 P
IT 3001Management Information Systems330 L 30 P