Graduate Profile

The Faculty of Science of the University of Colombo aims to provide its students with a learning experience, that will produce graduates with an in depth knowledge of their subject matter, yet knowledgeable across a wide array/spectrum of disciplines. They will have a strong sense of intellectual integrity and personal and professional ethics, and be able to be critical and creative thinkers, with an aptitude for continued self-directed learning. They will be leaders in organizations and communities, contributing towards national development, and also be sensitive global citizens.

A Science graduate of the University of Colombo should be

  • Academically excellent:
  • Having a strong background in the basics of an array of relevant disciplines, and an in-depth knowledge of selected disciplines.
  • Skilled in writing, research activities, problem-solving and communication.
  • Able to critically examine, synthesize and evaluate knowledge across a broad range of disciplines.
  • Adept at continued, self-directed, independent learning in a range of ways, including through applicable modern technologies (tech savvy).
  • Having strong personal and professional ethics.
  • Highly employable and able to contribute to national development
  • Able to apply academically gained knowledge in a wider context.
  • Able to work amicably and efficiently in teams, showing empathy, and gaining their trust, and sharing and cross-fertilizing knowledge and skills.
  • Self confident and able to take risks
  • Able to lead as well as follow, taking responsibility for one’s actions and decisions.
  • Aware of and able to discuss issues of national importance.
  • Having a set of flexible and transferable skills for different types of employment, both in the public and private sectors, and in self employment (entrepreneurship)
  • Sensitive global citizens:
  • Being socially responsible, with civic consciousness.
  • Respecting the cultures and values of others.
  • Committed to improving the sustainability of the environment.
  • Having a high regard for human rights, equity and ethics.