Special Degree Program

The faculty of Science offer a wide-range of attractive specialized degrees under the 4-year degree program which are in high demand. Selection for the special degree program is highly competitive and based mainly on the marks students obtained for the relevant course units during the first two years. For a special degree, students are expected to follow course units in Levels 3 and 4. Students following the special degrees should register for a minimum of 30 academic credits during each of the third and fourth years of study. Some specialized degree programs may require students to take up additional enhancement credits. Thus, a 4-year special degree will span a total of 8 semesters with a minimum of 120 academic credits and at least 4 enhancement credits.

The following 21 special degree programs are currently offered to the students in the Faculty.

DisciplineSpecial Degree (Major)Intake
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Computational Chemistry
Chemical Biology
Nuclear ScienceNuclear Medical Science 6
Finance, Business & Computational Mathematics
Mathematics & Statistics with Computer Science
Mathematical Finance
Engineering Physics
Computational Physics
Plant ScienceBioInformatics
Plant Science
Plant Biotechnology
Statistics with Computer Science
Industrial Statistics
ZoologyApplied Zoology
Environment Science

All academic credits accumulated over the entire 4-year period are considered for the award of the B.Sc. special degree.