Undergraduate Research

The Faculty of Science of the University of Colombo offers an attractive dynamic environment for undergraduates to engaged in research as an integral part of their study program. Research is identified as a necessary component in all 4-year degree special degree programs. Thus, all students following the special degree programs undertake 6-8 credits of research work. In addition, students following the 4-year general degree program are also given opportunity to enroll in 8 credits of research work. Each student is assigned a supervisor who would work closely with the students in guiding the research work. The work is assessed by a written dissertation and a viva examination.

Many students have shown research skills by either assisting the faculty in conducing staff-initiated research projects or proposing projects of their own. The outcome of the most of the research projects are presented by students at the national/international research conferences. Some of the work carried out by students have been published in peer-reviewed indexed journals.