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Offered by the Department of Physics

The honours programme in engineering physics was introduced to prepare students for jobs  where physics is used to solve industrial problems. Some of the main focus areas areas of this programme include electronics, automation and instrumentation.

Students are selected for this programme at the end of their second year. A total of 120 credit hours are required to complete the degree programme. Students are required to complete a final year research project under the close supervision of a faculty member.

Degree Aims

  • Provide a sound conceptual basis in physics, and  electronics.
  • Train the students to apply concepts and principles in the formulation and solving of representative physics problems and situations in industry.
  • Educate students in the methodology of research.
  • Foster the development of effective oral and written communication skills.
  • Develop cooperative skills through group and teamwork activities.
  • Enable students to acquire basic study skills and develop independence of learning.

Entry Requirements

A minimum GPA of 2.00 at the end of Level II for all registered academic courses along-with a GPA of 3.00 for PH and AM core courses and a minimum B grade each for PH 1021, PH 2021.

Course Modules

(L – No. of Lecture hours, P – No. of Practical hours, O – Optional, X – Compulsory)

Level 3

Course Code Title No. of Credits No. of Hours
PH 3001 Quantum Mechanics I 3 45L X
PH 3007 Analogue and Digital Electronics II 3 45L X
PH 3032 Embedded Systems Laboratory 3 90P X
PH 3052 Electromagnetic Fields I 3 45L X
PH 3051 Instrumentation Physics 3 45L X
PH 3053 Statistical Physics 3 45L X
PH 3055 Data Acquisition and Signal Processing 3 45L X
PH 3057 Mathematical Physics I 3 45L X
PH 3002 Environmental Physics 3 45L O
CS 3004 Computer Systems Architecture 2 30L O

Level 4

Course Code Title No. of Credits No. of Hours
PH 4001 Solid State Physics 3 45L X
PH 4002 Methods in Computational Physics 3 15L 60P X
PH 4007 Industrial Management 3 45L X
PH 4031 Engineering Physics Laboratory 6 180P X
PH 4041 Engineering Physics Project 6 180P X
PH 4005 Electronic Communication Techniques 3 45L X
PH 4013 Solid State Devices and Optoelectronics 3 45L X
PH 4014 Introduction to Robotics 3 15L 60P X
CS 4012 Communication Networks 3 30L 30P O
CS 4017 Wireless Ad-Hoc and Sensor Networks 3 30L 30P O