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EC 1015 - Career and Personal Development I

Offered by the Career Guidance Unit

Credit Value and Hours

Credit Value: 1C
Hours: 15P


The first-year program revolves around “Self-Discovery" and taking them through a maze of topics and tools so that they understand their potential and mould their thinking to build a career / life plan for their future.



Intended Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course the students would be able to,

  • identify strategies to manage emotions
  • demonstrate autonomy and interdependence
  • develop mature interpersonal relationships
  • develop personal identity
  • apply principles learnt to develop a purpose and vision for their life plan

Course contents

Profiling (Self-discovery), Generations and thinking, the mind game, Measuring the inner motivation, Emotional intelligence and attitude towards life

Method of evaluation

End of the semester Multiple Choice Question paper- 100%