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Awarding Scholarships to the first year undergraduates of the Faculty of Science

The Association of Colombo Science Faculty Batch – 1974, is pleased to announce that, it has been decided to award scholarships to 1st year undergraduates of the Science Faculty of University of Colombo. This scholarship would continue till the selected undergraduate completes his/her first degree. The financial value of the proposed scholarship is Rs. 5,500/ per month.
Our Association was established in March 2016 and the members of this Association are the persons who entered Faculty of Natural Sciences of Colombo Campus in 1974, under the umbrella of University of Sri Lanka.

The objectives of the Association are,

  • To assist the science undergraduates of University of Colombo in their studies by way of financially or otherwise as agreed by the Management of University of Colombo.
  • To assist the Management of University of Colombo in carrying out the development activities related to either academic or welfare of the science undergraduates.
  • To organize activities to promote relationship among its members and their families.
  • To assist its members and their families in an emergency / distress situations.

As per the aforementioned objectives, the Association is in the process of selecting two undergraduates from the first year in the current batch. The undergraduates who are willing to apply for this scholarship should satisfy the following conditions.

  • Should be a first year undergraduate of Science Faculty-University of Colombo.
  • Should be from a low income family.
  • Should have been entered to the University in 2022.

Those who satisfy the above conditions and are interested in applying for a scholarship should perfect the Application Form given below and send the soft copy with a copy to expressing his/her willingness for the scholarship on or before 30th September 2022. Contact the undersigned on 0777790672 for more details.

A.S.D. Karunaratne
Hon. President
On behalf of the Executive Committee

Web Site for further information about the Association and contact