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We are looking for a student who would be interested in obtaining an M.Phil/Ph.D. (in Sri Lanka) that will help him/her develop expertise in cutting-edge fields in microscopy, spectroscopy, nanoparticle probe synthesis/preparation and biomarker detection. In this project, we focus on detecting disease biomarkers using a Surface Enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) technique. The student who is working with us will synthesize nanoparticle-tagged SERS probes, learn how the construction of a SERS microscope set up is done (SERS set up will be constructed using components that will cost about 20 million LKR) and get involved in data processing of the obtained data. The project is funded by a competitive grant won by our team of collaborators from Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Zoology departments at the U of Colombo and few other Universities in Sri Lanka.

Please find more information in the attached document and feel free to circulate this among interested candidates.

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