Career guidance and personal development are an integral part of preparing undergraduates for life after university. The goal of this programme is to complement the academic courses provided by the Faculty of Science through providing opportunities for undergraduates to grow personally and professionally.

We provide an introductory workshop on career and personal development during the orientation programme as well as a one-credit course on Career and Personal Development at Levels 1 and 2 (EC 1015/EC 2015) of the undergraduate programme. EC 1015 is mandatory for all first year students. We also offer a Career Planning course at Level 1 (EC 1016) and an Enterprise, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation course at Level 2 (EC 2020). The coursework is continued during Levels 3 through Career and Personal Development III (EC 3015), which is followed by a 6-month Internship Training (FS 3001) or Service Leaning (FS 3002) that account for 15 and 8 academic credits, respectively.