Dr. Hasini Rangika Perera

Dr. Hasini Rangika Perera

Senior Lecturer

Department of Chemistry,
University of Colombo,
Colombo 03,
Sri Lanka.
Room: 128
Work Phone: (9411) 2503 367
Work Fax: (9411) 2503 367
Email: hasini.perera@sci.cmb.ac.lk


  • Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry -Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR May 2009
  • Bachelor of Science (Hons.) in Chemistry – University of Colombo, Sri Lanka July 2004


  • Senior Lecturer University of Colombo                  August 2009 – Present
  • Responsibility: Conducting lecturers and laboratory sessions in chemistry for undergraduates. Mentoring research projects of Chemistry majors, MSc students.

  • Graduate Teaching Assistant, Oregon State University, OR.         September 2005 – July 2009
  • Responsibility: Conducting laboratory sessions for chemistry majors (CH 461 & CH 462), and for non-chemistry majors who will use analytical chemistry techniques in routine analysis (CH 324). These include teaching students the basic electronics and optics, AAS, ICP-MS, HPLC, GC-MS, TGA, Ion selective electrode potentiometry, spectrofluorometry. Conducting recitations and laboratory sessions for general chemistry, which involves teaching basic principles in chemistry for college freshmen.

  • Assistant Lecturer   University of Colombo     August 2004 – August 2005
  • Responsibility: Conducting recitation and laboratory sessions in General Chemistry. Assisted the supervisor in designing experiments, prepared the required test solutions, analyzed and summarized data sets.


  • Graduate Research Assistant   Oregon State University, OR       July 2006 – July 2009
  • Responsibility: Academic research efforts are based on application of non-equilibrium electrochemical methods to ion selective sensors. These sensors are used in obtaining improved, unbiased selectivity for existing ion carriers. Involved in the development of solid contact sensors.

  • Chemical Analyst (Internship),  GlaxoSmithKline Ceylon Ltd., Sri Lanka  June 2003 – Sep. 2003
  • Responsibility: Analyzed intermediates and finished drug products using set methods and various analytical instruments including LC, pH meter, refractive index and optical rotation. Observed the manufacturing process of a drug.

  • Lab Technician  Industrial Technology Institute, Sri Lanka  January 2000 – January 2001
  • Responsibility: Sampled and analyzed building materials, metals, minerals and mineral based products using methods specified in British Standards/ International Standards. Operated high temperature furnace, UV-Vis spectrometer and AAS.


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  • Milton Harris Graduate Fellowship (Summer 2007, Oregon State University (OSU))
  • Courtney Dorothy Benedict Award for the graduate student in Chemistry who has demonstrated excellence in Research (2007, OSU)
  • Chemistry Department Laboratory TA award (Spring 2007, OSU)
  • Ingram award for the outstanding first year graduate student in Chemistry (2006, OSU)
  • Justin Samarasekara Award for the Most Outstanding Science Student of the Year (2005, University of Colombo)
  • Dharmachandra & Thamarasa Gunawardana Memorial Award for Analytical Chemistry (2005, University of Colombo)
  • Professor R.S. Ramakrishna Gold Medal for Inorganic Chemistry (2005, University of Colombo)

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