Chemistry provides the foundation for many other sciences such as medicine, engineering, agriculture, environmental science, nanotechnology and biotechnology. It has been identified as one of the key subjects in the curriculum of secondary level science education in Sri Lanka. It is therefore imperative that chemistry be taught to arouse interest and curiosity in young minds. The advancement of Science & Technology has enabled the core concepts in chemistry to be taught in a more illustrative and interesting manner. This programme is designed to introduce new approaches to teaching and learning chemistry as well as update knowledge in both chemistry and education. It is of value to those who are currently working in the field of chemistry education in state and private institutions and for those seeking employment in the field of chemistry education. The programme commenced in 2007.


L – Lecture Hours, P – Practical Hours, C – Credit Value

Part I 

MCE 5501 – Foundations of Science Education (30L, 2C)
MCE 5502 – Technology Enabled Learning (30P, 1C)
MCE 5503 – Methodology of Teaching and Learning Science (15L, 1C)
MCE 5504 – Assessment and Evaluation Methods in Chemistry Education (30L, 2C)
MCE 5505 – Research Methods in Chemistry Education (15L, 30P, 2C)
MCE 5506 – Chemistry Education Seminar/Teaching Practice (60P, 2C)
MCE 5507 – Lecture Demonstrations in Chemistry Education (10L, 10P, 1C)
MCE 5508 – Chemistry Laboratory (90P, 3C)
MCE 5509 – Chemical Calculations in Analytical Chemistry (30L, 2C)
MCE 5510 – Chemical Bonding (30L, 2C)
MCE 5511 – Organic Chemistry (30L, 2C)
MCE 5512 – Modern Physical Chemistry (45L, 3C)
MCE 5513 – Special Topics in Chemistry (45L, 3C)

Part II 

MCE 5514 – Directed Individual Study (5C)