Welcome to the Department of Chemistry Undergraduate Program Information!

Intake for Physical Science and Biological Science

Faculty of Science has its undergraduate study programme in Physical Science stream and Biological Science stream. The Department of chemistry offers chemistry as a subject for both the streams. First two years are dedicated for the basics of chemistry. There are approximately 250 students who take chemistry as a subject. According to the results of the first two years students are selected for the relevant Special Degree  Programme.  The others continue the general degree in Science at the Faculty of Science. The department offers number of course units in different areas of chemistry for the third year of the general degree

  • Special Degree in Chemistry – 24 students
  • Special Degree in Chemical Biology – 6 students
  • Special Degree in Pharmacy – 12 students
  • Special Degree in Computational Chemistry – 10 students

Direct Intake for Biochemistry

In addition to the physical science stream and the biological science stream, the faculty of science entertains 60 students under the direct intake for Biochemistry. Those who enter the Faculty of Science under the direct intake for Biochemistry and meet the selection criterion, are eligible to apply for the special degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology after the completion of first two years. Each year twenty students will be taken for the special degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Four direct intake students who meet the criterion have the privilege to enter the special degree in Chemistry.

Undergraduate Programs Offered by the Department of Chemistry

** There are approximately 650 undergraduate students (at a given time) who follow Chemistry Courses in the Faculty of Science, University of Colombo.

** All Biological Science students who plan to do chemistry as a subject should follow AM 1008 conducted by the Department of Mathematics. For more details contact the Department of Mathematics