Eighteen (18) students following the General Degree programme (Direct Intake) will be selected at the end of the second year to follow the new Special Degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Selection for this programme will be according to the criteria specified in page 11 of the Faculty Handbook, and will be based on the marks obtained for the core courses in Chemistry and Biochemistry (Years 1 & 2, minimum GPA 3.00) and Molecular Biology (Year 2 only, minimum GPA 3.00).

Important Notes:

Level 3 Course Modulesdetailed syllabus

Course No.TitleCreditsNo. of hours
CH 3033Chemistry of Biomolecules345L
BC 3022Metabolism I230L
BC 3023Metabolism II230L
BC 3024Bio-Physical Chemistry230L
BC 3025Protein Structure and Function230L
BC 3030Practical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology824P
MB 3022Gene Expression and Regulation345L
MB 3024Topics in Molecular Cell Biology230L
MB 3025Recombinant DNA technology and applications345L

Level 4 Course Modules detailed syllabus

Course No.TitleCreditsNo. of hours
BC 4001Research Project8240P
BC 4002Seminar and Essay390P
BC 4003General Paper345L
BC 4005Advanced Topics in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology230L
BC 4006Selected Topics in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology230L
MB 4001Genomics and Proteomics345L
MB 4003Molecular Evolution, Modelling and Computer Based Drug Design330L/30P
MB 4004Application in Biotechnology345L