In order to enter this program, a student must obtain a GPA of 3.00 or higher for each of CH and CS core courses taken within the first two years. In addition, at least a C grade is required for AM 1008 for those who are not offering AM core courses in the first two years.

The student intake is limited to 10.
Available for Biological Science and Physical Science streams.

Important Notes:

Level 3 Course Modules detailed syllabus

Course No.TitleCreditsNo. of hours
CH 3003Industrial Chemistry230L
CH 3005Chemical Technology230L
CH 3006Computational Chemistry230L
CH 3007Topics in Analytical Chemistry II115L
CH 3021Spectroscopy345L
CH 3023Coordination and Organometallic Chemistry345L
CH 3029Organic Chemistry345L
CH 3031Symmetry in Chemistry115L
CH 3032Computer programming in Chemistry330L, 30P
CH 3033Chemistry of Bio-molecules345L
CH 3090Practical Computational Chemistry8240P
CS 3120Machine Learning and Neural Computing330L, 30P
CS 3008Introduction to Data structures and Algorithms330L, 30P
IT 3002Database Systems330L, 30P

Level 4 Course Modules detailed syllabus

Course No.TitleCreditsNo. of hours
CH 4001Research project8240P
CH 4002Seminar and Essay390P
CH 4003General Paper345L
CH 4004Optional Topics460L
CH 4006Biochemistry345L
CH 4007Advanced Physical Chemistry345L
CH 4090Advanced Molecular Modeling115L
CS 4115Computational Biology330L, 30P
CS 4125Logic Programming330L, 30P