In order to enter this program, a student must obtain a GPA of 3.00 or higher for each of CH core courses and GPA of 2.67 for either BT or ZL or BC core courses taken within the first two years. In addition, at least a C grade for AM 1008 is required for those who are not offering AM core courses in the first two years.

The student intake is limited to 10.
Available for Biological Science stream only.

Important Notes:

Level 3 Course Modulesdetailed syllabus

Course No.TitleCreditsNo. of hours
CH 3001Topics in Analytical Chemistry I230L
CH 3004Laboratory Management115L
CH 3008Quality Management115L
CH 3021Spectroscopy345L
CH 3024Pharmaceutical Chemistry230L
CH 3033Chemistry of Bio-molecules345L
CH 3054Nutritional and Clinical Biochemistry230L
CH 3071Pharmaceutics I345L
CH 3073Anatomy and Physiology345L
CH 3074Pharmacology I345L
CH 3075Practical Pharmacy8240P
CH 3076Microbiology in Pharmacy230L

Level 4 Course Modules detailed syllabus

Course No.TitleCreditsNo. of hours
CH 4001Research project8240P
CH 4002Seminar and Essay3 90P
CH 4070Pharmaceutics II345L
CH 4071Pharmacology II345L
CH 4072Pharmacognosy230L
CH 4073Advanced Pharmaceutical Chemistry II230L
CH 4074Quality Control, Statistics and Computer Applications345L
CH 4075Pharmaceutical Law and Ethics230L
CH 4076Pharmaceutical Management and Administration345L
CH 4077Pharmacy Practice260P
EC 4002Industrial Training (Enhancement Course [optional]