The Center for Analytical Research and Development (CARD) was established in the Chemistry Department in 1981. CARD was established as a collaborative project between the University of Colombo and the Trace Analysis Research Centre of the Dalhousie University and was funded by the Canadian International Development Agency.

Analytical chemistry is the most widely practiced profession of the chemical sciences in Sri Lanka and it plays a major role in resources monitoring and Development, Environmental pollution and control and in the fields of Agriculture and Industry. Furthermore this science of measurement and identification of constituents is essential for the quality control of industrial processes and products.

Figures and Numbers should have a meaning and should be properly measured with appropriate tools and employing suitable methods. These methods are becoming increasingly sophisticated and the development of new reagents and techniques become important. Research, Training and Services form the corner stone of this Center.

The facilities at CARD have been used to upgrade training of Analytical chemists and the research programmes of the Department. It is a vibrant centre today providing analytical services to the Sri Lankan industry.

The Services Available and the Capabilities of the CARD

The founder-members of the CARD were;

* PROJECT DIRECTOR     –   Professor R. S. Ramakrishna

* EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR   –   Professor D.E. Ryan

* PROJECT MEMBERS      –   Professor H.D. Gunawardhana,Professor W.P.D.Pereira,Dr. A.P. de Silva

Sri Lanka Pharmaceutical Laboratory

Sri Lanka Pharmaceutical Laboratory (SLPL) was established in the Department of Chemistry in 2011 to provide analytical services to the Pharmaceutical Industry in Sri Lanka. The laboratory is equipped with modern equipment required for pharmaceutical analysis. The main aim of the Sri Lanka Pharmaceutical Laboratory is to assist the Pharmaceutical industry to produce drugs in Sri Lanka at an affordable price.

The establishment of the laboratory was as a result of the discussion between the Ministry of Industry & Commerce and the Sri Lanka Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association. The Ministry came forward to support the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry by providing funds to procure the equipment required to establish an analytical laboratory. Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association assists the Department of Chemistry to operate and maintain the laboratory. The University of Colombo has provided space and an up-to-date laboratory to install the equipment.

The main function of the laboratory is to provide analytical services to the Pharmaceutical Industry. The industry provides funds to cover the cost of analyses and the usage of equipment. In addition to serving the Pharmaceutical Industry the laboratory also entertains requests from other industries for analytical services. The charges for services depend on the type of equipment and the chemicals used. The Department also undertakes to train personnel from the Pharmaceutical Industry for a fee.