LEVEL I / Diploma in Electronics & Automation Technologies

Course Code TitleHours, Credits 
EA 1001Waves and Vibrations & AC Theory30L2C
EA 1002Analogue & Digital Electronics – I30L2C
EA 1003Electromagnetic Theory30L2C
EA 1004Introduction to Computer Programming30L2C
EA 1005Computer Applications30L2C
EA 1006Computer Architecture – I30L2C
EA 1007Electronic Circuit Simulations30L2C
EA 1008Object Oriented Programming30L2C
EA 1009Calculus30L2C
EA 1010Mathematical Method – I30L2C
EA 1011Differential Equations30L2C
EA 1012Probability and Statistics30L2C
EA 1013English for Science and Technology30L2C
EA 1030Analogue Electronic Laboratory60P2C
EA 1031Digital Electronic Laboratory60P2C

Level II / Advanced Diploma in Electronics & Automation Technologies

Course Code>TitleHours, Credits 
EA 2001Analogue & Digital Electronics – II30L2C
EA 2002Analogue & Digital ICs and Data Acquisition30L2C
EA 2003Sensors & Transducers and Data Acquisition Systems 30L2C
EA 2004Computer Architecture – II30L2C
EA 2005Applied Numerical Methods30L2C
EA 2006Internet Programming30L2C
EA 2007Data Communication Techniques30L2C
EA 2008Rapid Applications Development30L2C
EA 2009Computational Statistics30L2C
EA 2010Mathematical Methods – II30L2C
EA 2011Technical Writing for Academic Purposes15L + 30P2C
EA 2012Advanced Communicative Skills15L + 30P2C
EA 2013Industrial Management30L2C
EA 2030Instrumentation Laboratory60P2C
EA 2031Data Acquisition Laboratory60P2C

Level III / B.Sc. In Electronics & Automation Technologies

Course Code>TitleHours, Credits 
EA 3001Semiconductor Devices and Optoelectronics30L2C
EA 3002Digital Signal Processing*30L2C
EA 3003Digital Image Processing*30L2C
EA 3004Artificial Neural Networks30L2C
EA 3005Mobile Application Development30L2C
EA 3006Embedded Linux Development15L + 30P2C
EA 3007Computer Networking30L2C
EA 3021Robotics30L2C
EA 3022Programmable Logic Controllers30L2C
EA 3023Medical Instrumentation30L2C
EA 3030Microcontroller Laboratory60P2C
EA 3040Research Methodologies15L + 30P2C
EA 3041Independent Study120P4C
EA 3050Project120P4C

Detailed syllabus can be downloaded here.