There is a dearth in the banking and finance sectors of Sri Lanka of professionals equipped with the knowledge, skills and techniques necessary to evaluate the financial market, decide on investment strategies and develop financial products. Financial Engineering is a multidisciplinary field which involves financial theory, the methods of engineering, the tools of mathematics and the practice of programming and plays a major role in the overall progression of the financial sector. This subject can be subdivided into areas such as risk management, financial markets evaluation, determine financial strategies and design new financial products. Whilst studying the course you will develop a range of skills and knowledge and be taught by experts in the field.

From our suite of undergraduate Financial Engineering courses, this degree provides a great opportunity in terms of career choices and further postgraduate study. Its structure and content is designed to strengthen your understanding of key concepts and tools which highlight the practical link between theory and real world applications. The multimode delivery of lectures which includes online course content delivery provides a great flexibility for working individuals to gain a BSc Degree while doing a job.

We believe in creating high quality graduates with practical knowledge and experience, who are highly employable and infused with confidence to become industry leaders able to cope up with the challenges in the 21st century.


Main objective of B.Sc. in Financial Engineering degree program is providing key analytical and technical competencies through the study of Mathematics, Statistics, Economics and Information Technology which will promote a thorough practical understanding of fundamental Finance. The specific objectives of the Degree program are:

  • To provide students with knowledge on financial concepts, and in mathematics, statistics and Information Technology.
  • To train students to apply their IT and Numerical skills and Quantitative knowledge to assess the financial strength of a given situation.
  • To train students to apply their Mathematics, Statistics and IT knowledge in analysis.

Target Group

  • Junior and mid-level executives working in investment banks and corporations, insurance companies, firms that invest in financial markets and financial management and consultancy companies as well as for those who are preparing for careers in areas such as risk management, asset management, valuations, mortgage backed securities etc.
  • individuals with sound knowledge in Mathematics and interested in a carrier in Financial Management.
  • Individuals interested in financial modeling and product development through IT and Business Mathematics.

Course Fee

 Level ILevel IILevel III
Application Fees1500
Registration Fees400040004000
Course Fees145000145000145000
Library Fees (VCUC-CC)100010001000

* All amounts above are in Sri Lankan Rupees (LKR)