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Faculty has planned to resume academic activities in online mode. Note that accessing University LMSes is free of charge from all Internet Service Providers.

  • Students are strongly advised to use For current undergraduate portal in the Faculty website for relevant information.
  • All your communications with us should be made using the university email accounts.

Department of Chemistry

CH 1008: General and Physical Chemistry
CH 1010: Calculations in Chemistry
CH 1011: Practical Chemistry
CH 2011: Practical Chemistry
CH 2012: Intermediate Physical Chemistry
CH 3001: Topics in Analytical Chemistry I
CH 3002: Practical Analytical Chemistry
CH 3003: Industrial Chemistry
CH 3004: Laboratory Management
CH 3006: Computational Chemistry
CH 3008: Quality Management
CH 3010: Environmental Chemistry
CH 3021: Spectroscopy
CH 3030: Advanced Practical Chemistry
CH 3033: Chemistry of Biomolecules
CH 3071: Pharmaceutics I
CH 3073: Anatomy and Physiology
CH 3074: Pharmacology I
CH 3075: Practical Pharmacy
CH 3090: Practical Computational Chemistry
BC 3022: Metabolism I
BC 3030: Practical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
MB 3022: Gene Expression and Regulation
MB 3025: Recombinant DNA Technology and Applications
BT 3053: Introduction to Bioinformatics
BC 3021: Food Chemistry
BC 3026: Laboratory Techniques in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
MB 3003: Introduction to Genomics
MB 3023: Gene Expression and Regulation

CH 4001: Research Project
CH 4002: Seminar and Essay
CH 4004: Optional Topics
CH 4005: Advanced Organic Chemistry
CH 4006: Biochemistry
CH 4007: Advanced Physical Chemistry
CH 4070: Pharmaceutics II
CH 4071: Pharmacology II
CH 4073: Advanced Pharmaceutical Chemistry II
CH 4075: Pharmaceutical Law and Ethics
CH 4078: Pharmacognosy in Pharmacy
CH 4090: Advanced Molecular Modeling
CH 4076: Pharmaceutical Management and Administration
CH 4077: Pharmacy Practice
BC 4001: Research Project
BC 4002: Seminar and Essay
BC 4004: Optional Topics
MB 4001: Genomics and Proteomics
MB 4003: Molecular Evolution, Modelling and Computer Based Drug Design
MB 4004: Applications in Biotechnology
MB 4901: Medical Biotechnology
MB 4902: Environmental Biotechnology
MB 4903: Marine Biotechnology
MB 4904: Selected Topics in Biotechnology
MB 4905: Group project/Assignment
MB 4906: Biotechnology Seminar
CH 4901: Bio analytical Chemistry II

Department of Mathematics

AM 1011: Fundamental Applied Mathematics
AM 1012: Vector Calculus
PM 1011: Foundations of Mathematics
PM 1012: Introduction to Number Theory
FM 1011: Financial Mathematics I
FM 1013: Linear Programming
MS 1011: Computing for Finance
AM 1108: Mathematics for Biological Science
PM 2001: Calculus II
PM 2002: Linear Algebra
AM 2001: Differential Equations II
AM 2003: Linear Programming
FM 2001: Computational Financial Mathematics I
FM 2004: Mathematical Methods for Finance II
MS 2002: Quantitative Methods

PM 3002: Complex Analysis
AM 3004: Mathematical Modeling in Economics and Business
AM 3005: Mathematical Methods
FM 3002: Actuarial Mathematics II
FM 3004: Numerical Methods for Finance
AM 3008: Corporate Finance
PM 3050: Group Theory
PM 3054: Topology I
PM 3056: Real Analysis I
AM 3050: Mathematical Methods
FM 3005: Economics I for Finance and Insurance
MS 3008: Accounting for Finance
PM 4001: Commutative Algebra I and Category Theory
PM 4003: Measure Theory
PM 4005: Topological Spaces
AM 4005: Theory of Interest and Cooperate Finance
AM 4008: Advance Optimization
FM 4001: Applied Functional Analysis
FM 4007: Economics II for Finance and Insurance
MS 4004: Statement Analysis

Department of Nuclear Science

NS 1001: Fundamentals of Nuclear Science
NS 2003: Introduction to Nuclear Science
NS 4034: Human Anatomy and Physiology
NS 4006: seminar and essay
NS 4030: Nuclear Technology and Environment
NS 4029: Diagnostic radiology II
NS 4007: research project

Department of Physics

PH 1001: Modern Physics
PH 1004: Thermodynamics
PH 1020: Physics Laboratory I
PH 2001: Analog and Digital Electronics I
PH 2002: Physics of Semiconductor Devices
PH 2021: Electronics & Computing Laboratory II
PH 3001: Quantum Mechanics I
PH 3007: Analog and Digital Electronics II
PH 3008: Astronomy
PH 3030: Advanced Physics Laboratory I
PH 3032: Embedded Systems Laboratory
PH 3037: Mobile Application Development
PH 3038: Electronic Circuit Designs & Simulation
PH 3052: Electromagnetic Fields I
PH 3057: Mathematical Physics I

PH 4002: Methods in Computational Physics
PH 4007: Industrial Management
PH 4009: Mathematical Physics II
PH 4011: Electromagnetic Fields II
PH 4012: Advanced Optics
PH 4014: Introduction to Robotics
PH 4016: Power Electronics
PH 4019: Industrial Automation
PH 4030: Advanced Physics Laboratory II
PH 4031: Engineering Physics Laboratory II
PH 4040: Physics Project
PH 4041: Engineering Physics Project
PH 4042: Computational Physics Project

Department of Plant Sciences

BT 1008: Plant Resources
BT 1009: Genetics and Cell Biology Practicals
BT 1011: Genetics and Cell Biology
BT 1013: Plant Structure
BT 2014: Principles of Microbiology
BT 2015: Introductory Molecualr Biology and Recombinant DNA Technology
BT 2016: Microbiology and Molecular Biology Practiclas
BT 2001: Biostatistics
BT 3001: Plant Pathology
BT 3003: Plant Molecular Biology
BT 3006: Plant Tissue Culture Technology
BT 3053: Introduction to Bioinformatics
BT 3058: Bioprospecting

BT 4018: Soil Science
BT 4019: Statistical Methods in Bioinformatics
BT 4020: Agrobiotechnology
BT 4021: Biotechnology Industry
BT 4022: Ecology
BT 4035: Vegetation Description and Analysis
BT 4036: Applications in Geographical Information System (GIS)
BT 4105: Advanced Plant Biochemistry and Physiology
BT 4107: Trends in Plant Molecular Biology
BT 4125: Post Harvest Technology
BT 4134: Biodiversity Conservation
FS 4005: Entrepreneurship

Department of Statistics

IS 1006: Fundamentals of Statistics
ST 1009: Exploratory Data Analysis
ST 1008: Probability and Distributions
ST 1006: Introduction to Probability and Statistics
ST 2008: Statistical Methods in Quality Control
MS 2001: Statistical Quality Control
ST 2006: Basic Elements of Inference
ST 3074: Time Series Analysis
ST 3008: Applied Statistical Modelling
ST 3072: Applied Regression Analysis
ST 3009: Applied Time Series
ST 3075: Design of Experiments
ST 3085: Computational Statistics
MS 3009: Operational Research II
ST 3006: Regression Analysis

ST 3010: Introduction to Health Statistics
ST 3007: Operational Research
IS 3051: Advance Process Control
ST 3051: Statistical Inference I
IS 3050: Statistical Inference
ST 4035: Data Science
IS 4007: Statistics in Practice II
ST 4036: Time to Event Data Analysis
ST 4056: Medical Statistics
ST 4037: Epidemiology
IS 4002: Advanced Statistical Modeling
ST 4011: Econometrics
ST 4051: Scientific Writing
ST 4031: Stochastic Processes and Application

Department of Zoology and Environment Sciences

FS 4007: Human Resource management
FS 4008: Environmental economics
FS 4006: Business Accounting
ZL 4902: Seminar
ZL 4901: Project development
EN 4910: industrial Research Project