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Special Session

Mini Symposium on From the Workbench to practice

World urgently needs the research that being carried out in the labs to be translated to the use on a regular basis depending our requirements. Given the compelling health problems in our societies for instance the current pandemic of COVID-19 we have experienced the importance of bringing the research from the lab to practice. Similarly, the environmental issues faced to date would only be solved by the research innovation being used.

Symposium, “From the workbench to practice” focuses on bringing seasoned researchers of translational science to share their experience and knowledge of various aspects of research and innovation. This symposium will also provide the researchers, academics and students to explore and gain knowledge from the distinguished invitees on how to harness their research findings to help Sri Lanka grow.

“From the workbench to practice” will be conducted as two panel discussions; Molecular Biology and Environment Science.

Invited Speakers

Session 1 – Molecular Biology

Prof. Chamindie Punyadeera

Associate Professor
Head, Saliva and Liquid Biopsy Translational Laboratory,
Queensland University of Technology,

Session 2 – Environmental Science

Dr Karthikeyan Vasudevan

Senior Principal Scientist
Laboratory for the Conservation of Endangered Species (LaCONES)
Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology

Professor Michael G Petterson

Professor of Geology
School of Science
Auckland University of Technology
New Zealand