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Kottegoda Gnanalankara Thero Scholarship for Mathematics For 2nd Year Students

Applications are invited from students who qualify under the following criteria for above scholarship. 

  1. The family income divided by the number of dependent children and the parents should not exceed Rs. 5000/= per month.
  2. Should not be employed.
  3. Should be from the southern or western provinces.
  4. Should not have been found guilty of misconduct.

Academic qualifications:

  1. Minimum ‘B’ grade in both pure mathematics and applied mathematics courses.
  2. Minimum ‘C’ grade in other courses.
    Please note that the scholarship will be awarded on the results of the 1st year examination in science and will be tenable for 1 year.

Qualified candidates are requested to submit their applications with 1st year academic records and Grama Niladari Certificate, to the Department of Mathematics office on or before 30.09.2022. Please send the electronic version of submission to

Head/ Department of Mathematics