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Completion of Renovation Work at the Materials Research Laboratory Department of Physics

Materials research lab at the department of physics was setup in 2015 under Dr. Dilushan Jayasundara’s supervision with the aim of carrying out advanced research on materials and nanomaterials, in relation to structure, processing, properties, and performance. Main interest is on local mineral resources that can be of high value once processed. The initial funding for research came through National Research Council (NRC) and University of Colombo grants. The facility at present is used by both undergraduate and postgraduate students and the work has resulted in over five international indexed journal publications, many local and international conference publications, two pending patents and one licensed technology. However, until recently, no infrastructure investment was made to upgrade the lab facility to accommodate increasing number of students and equipment. With the installation of a new Thermogravemetric Analyzer (TGA), the need to renovate the lab was felt to accommodate the high demands in sample preparation and external users.

Thus the work undertaken under the AHEAD ICE grant 6026-LK/8743 to renovate the materials research lab at the Department of Physics was completed on 21st September 2020. Major renovation work included tiling of the lab floor, addition of cupboards, partitioning, color washing, plumbing work and curtaining. On the same day an event was held to acknowledge the personal who helped us in numerous ways to get the work done to the required standard and in a timely manner.

On behalf of the Department of Physics I wish to take this opportunity to acknowledge the support rendered by the Colombo Science and Technology cell, Works Engineer Mr. Rahal Abeyratne , all the members of Department of Physics who helped numerous ways, and the contractor M/s Udara Lanka Development and Construction (Pvt.,) Ltd. I am sure the renovated materials lab would provide both the ambience and the safe working conditions for existing and future students to carry out their research work without much hindrance.

Prof. K. P. S. Chandana Jayaratne,
Head/Department of Physics,
30th October 2020.