The M.Sc in Mathematics Education is designed to serve Mathematics teachers who are established as well as recent graduates who wish to embark on a career teaching Mathematics. The course is designed to provide opportunities for teachers to reflect on their existing practices and engage in extended academic study to support their practice and their continuing professional development.  The course provides an indepth mathematical content required for school curricula and beyond, including history of mathematics and problem solving in mathematics as well as a study of the psychology and philosophy of teaching and learning mathematics. It also provides knowledge on modern methodologies of teaching mathematics including the use of manipulatives and ICT.


L – Lecture Hours, P – Practical Hours, C – Credit Value

Part I

MME 5001 – Foundations of Education (15L 1C)
MME 5002 – Curriculum and Instruction (15L 1C)
MPM 5002 – Perspectives in Geometry and Vectors (30L 2C)
MPM 5005 – Introduction to Abstract Mathematics (30L 2C)
MME 5007* – Laboratory on Mathematical Software and Manipulatives (60P 2C)
MPM 5010 – Problem Solving in Mathematics (30L 2C)
MAM 5001 – Perspectives in Classical Mechanics (30L 2C)
MPM 5001 – Perspectives in Algebra (30L 2C)
MME 5005 – Methodology of Teaching and Learning Mathematics (30L 2C)
MME 5007 – Laboratory on Mathematical Software and Manipulatives (60L 2C)
MPM 5008 – History of Mathematics (30L 2C)
MPM 5006 – Complex Algebra (15L 1C)
MAM 5002 – Statistical Methods (15L1C)
MPM 5009 – Perspective in Analysis (30L 2C)
MME 5003 – Mathematics Education Seminar (30P 1C)

Optional Modules

MAM 5003 – Mathematical Modeling (Deterministic and Stochastic) (30L 2C)
MAM 5004 – Mathematical Methods (30L 2C)
MAM 5005 – Combinatorics and Probability (30L 2C)
MME 5006 – Use of Information Technology and Manipulatives in Mathematics Education (15L 30P 2C)

Part II 

MME 5009 – Contemporary Theories and Methodologies in Mathematics Education (2C)
MME 5010 – Literature Review (3C)