Academic Programmes

  • Undergraduate

The department offersa variety of course units for undergraduate students not only within the department but also in other departments, faculties and universities. We have collaborations with the University of Sri Jayewardenepura and University of Peradeniya.

General Degree: The department offers course units in a wide range of combinations for the students reading for the general degree from the level II. These include Radiobiology, Medical Physics and Nuclear Technologies in Sri Lanka.

4G Theme: Additionaly, for the students who follow the four-year general degree, the department offer the ‘Nuclear Technology’ degree theme. This degree programme will provide the student a comprehensive knowledge on various radioisotopic techniques used in different disciplines.

Special degree: Our department offers special degree in Nuclear Medical Science which consists of diagnostic and therapeutic nuclear medicine, medical physics, applied nuclear science, health physics and other related discipline.

MSc in Medical physics: Medical physics is the branch of applied physics which combines the medicine and physics. It’s a profession oriented program to become a Medical physicist. 

MSc in Nuclear Science: It was started from 1982 and been following to date. The main aim of this course was to meet the needs of the expanding fields of research and industrial applications of nuclear techniques in Sri Lanka. 

Diploma course in Radiation Protection: In addition to the Master’s Degrees, we offer Diploma course in Radiation Protection. The main objective of this course is to develop necessary skills in researchers and radiation workers to work with radiation and radioisotopes while minimizing the radiation exposure to themselves and their colleagues at the work places.

  • Research Programmes

Academic staff of the department specially trained in researching in various fields incorporated with ionizing radiation. Main areas of research carried out by the researchers are related to Environmental Radioactivity, Nuclear analytical techniques in pollution monitoring with Special reference to heavy metals, Medical Physics and Applications of Nuclear Techniques in Elemental Analysis. Our lecturers work in collaboration with the state and private institutions for research and teaching such as the SLINTEC and Sri Lanka Atomic Energy Board.