Postgraduate Programs

MSc in Medical Physics


Medical Physics is a branch of physics applied to medicine. Applications of physics in medicine covers a wide range among which use of radioisotopes and X rays in cancer treatment, imaging (CT, MRI, SPECT, PET) and functional studies of organs using sophisticated data processing systems.

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MSc in Nuclear Science


This course was first set up in 1982 with the sponsorship of the AEA of Sri Lanka. The main aim of this course was to train adequate number of scientists to meet the expanding needs in the fields of research and industrial applications of nuclear techniques in Sri Lanka.


Research (MPhil/PhD)


The Department of Nuclear Science of the University of Colombo conducts a two-year MPhil Programme in Nuclear Science and Medical Physics. The MPhil degree programme is by research and takes two years for completion on a full-time basis. MPhil programme can be upgraded to PhD in the relevant field once the candidates have demonstrated required performance.

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