The ‘Sir Nigel Ball Award for Botany’ shall now be called the ‘Sir Nigel Ball award for Plant Sciences.’

The award shall be made annually at the convocation, to the student who obtains the highest GPA (with a minimum GPA of 3.0) for Agro-biotechnology (BT 4020) and Plant Biochemistry (BT 4005) (or equivalent courses as determined by the Department) in the Special Degree Programmes offered by the Department of Plant Sciences. In the event two or more qualify with the same GPA, selection shall be based on the highest total mark.

The award shall be made on the recommendation of a committee comprising the Head / Department of Plant Sciences, and two other members of the grade of Senior Lecturer or above from the Department of Plant Sciences

The award shall be made from 75% the annual interest obtained from the deposit, rounded off to the lower Rs. 50/- and shared equally with Prof. P.C. Sarbadhikari award. The balance of interest shall be added to the capital.

If no student qualifies for the award in a particular year, the un-utilized money shall be added to the capital.

The award shall not be made to any student found guilty of misconduct.